Ravens Power AG
Business model
Energy is one of the basic needs of our society. With increasing economic progress and the growth of population the energy-demand is growing. The existing technologies for producing large quantities of energy have been found to be partially risky and polluting. Therefore a change in the political thinking towards renewable energy took place. So a new market with high growth potentials and many new business opportunities arose within the last years.
To increase the attractiveness of wind energy - and other forms of
renewable energy – throughout Europe is an important task of today's society and the EU. Since the European energy market is extremely inhomogeneous (in some countries there are subsidies for energy production from renewable sources, in others wind power has to compete harder with other energy sources), investors and project developers have to pay attention to appropriate general conditions.
Within the EU countries like Germany, France, England and also Poland offer good starting conditions for the development of on shore wind parks.
In addition to the economic and legal framework (especially feed-in tariffs) they also include good wind conditions.
Poland is committed to the national implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive from 2009– the rate of electricity from RES (renewable energy sources) has to increase from 7% in 2005 to 15% by 2020. The current legal framework for renewable energy will be revised by the Polish government and the New RES-Act will come into force in 2016/17 and thereby most of the requirements of the EU Renewable Energy Directives should be finally complied with.
Business model
After detailed analysis Ravens Power AG has aligned its business model and focuses on the development, construction and operating of wind farms in Poland and later on in other countries. Key elements of the business model:
> Search and acquisition of optimal wind areas and land

> Development of RTB wind farm projects(including SPV with all permits for the construction of a wind farm = RTB project or right package)
 > Purchase of RTB wind farm projects or wind farm projects in development

 > Financial sourcing (equity, debt, grants)
 > Sale of RTB-wind farms or turnkey solutions
 > Construction of wind farms

 > Operation of wind farms

 > Sale of on grid wind farms